How to Use Design to Improve Your Online Store’s Brand


Design is to business what evolution is to nature: it allows brands to change and survive. When operating an online store, the virtual look and feel of your business are the only things that potential customers have to go on to make up their mind about whether to spend their money with you or not.

How To Build A Brand - 8 Simple Steps To Success

How To Build A Brand

Creating an online store is pretty straightforward but turning that into a successful e-commerce brand is certainly no easy feat. With over 28 million registered small businesses offering competing products, consumers have many options to choose from.

10 Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

10 Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

With billions of tons of waste filling landfills globally every year, society is becoming increasingly environment - conscious - from eating more sustainably to reusing grocery bags.

Clever Letterbox Packaging Ideas

letterbox packaging featured

Online shopping. It’s easy, convenient and usually pretty speedy. But many of us will have experienced that moment of returning home to find one of those annoying ‘We’re sorry we missed you!’ cards on the doormat.

A Designer’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Shopify Theme

Picking a theme

Click to enter any online shop. Intrigued?

An ancient web template with messy menus and illegible fonts probably won’t make you leap for your wallet. A gorgeous, shiny intro page with beautiful imagery and a captivating aesthetic? That’s a whole another story.

How to Select the Perfect Colors for Your Brand


Why is a brand’s visual identity important?

Today’s market is saturated with products. Everything is more accessible than ever. Price comparison sites help people find the best deal. And yet, people don’t just go for the cheapest option.

How to Set up Taxes in Your Shopify Store

Set Up Taxes Shopify Featured

We know it’s not always easy to make your way through the taxes, especially for online businesses that sell both locally and across borders.

Charging the correct tax rates is vital for your own accounting, as well as that of your customers. And you don’t want to get yourself or them into trouble with tax authorities.

7 Tips to Wholesale If You Run a Small Online Store

tips to wholesale

Wholesale usually brings to mind a picture of something huge. The very definition of wholesale is distributing products at lower prices in large quantities. But then again, define large. 

Even if your online store doesn’t produce in thousands monthly, you can still take advantage of wholesale. And you don’t even have to change your target customer! 

Shopify Store Owner's Guide to EU Taxes


Finding your way around the tax galaxy is not your most pleasant task, but don’t panic! We’ll try and make it simple for you. 

The tax collection process is like a love triangle between you as a business owner, your customer and a tax authority. Now, here’s the painful truth: You are the one who must keep this complicated relationship run smooth.

5 Easy Tips to Decrease Your Rate of Returns

Decrease your rate of returns

About two thirds of shoppers who bought fashion items online in 2016 have returned at least one item from their order. As people change their shopping habits with the online revolution they are using the comfort of their own home as a fitting room, before sending back unwanted items.

The World’s Most Bizarre Banknotes

bizarre banknotes featured

Most banknotes we use every day don’t look odd or in any way different than what you'd normally expect from a banknote: a face of someone historically significant and a national symbol or a scene.

However, there are or have been some that go way beyond usual. Check out some of the most bizarre banknotes ever issued. They might be a bit weird, but there’s always an intriguing story behind every single one!