Launching Our New Partner Program

Shopify Partners play an important role in introducing new merchants to the platform, which is why we set up our own partner program two years ago. But in this fast-paced, ever-evolving environment we knew it was time for a revamp.

Appeal To Global Shoppers By Selling in Multiple Currencies


To reap the benefits of owning an online store, reaching a global audience is one of the most effective ways to scale an ecommerce brand. Localizing customer experiences by offering a multi-currency setup should be at the core of your business in order to meet international customer expectations: resulting in more global sales.

6 Beautiful Jute Packaging Ideas


With more (typically younger) consumers leading a shift towards using environmentally-friendly products, many business owners are becoming eco-conscious too - especially when it comes to packaging. One of the star performers in the eco-friendly material stakes is jute.

Sufio is now available in German and French


We are proud to say that Sufio is one of the most popular invoicing apps for online stores and is used by merchants in more than 75 countries. When we started four years ago, we wanted to make an app that’s compliant with different invoicing legislations and is available to customers around the world.

Trendy Cork Packaging Ideas

When asked to picture cork, the image of a bottle stopper is one that will spring to mind for many of us. But as businesses explore new ways of designing and manufacturing their products, we’re seeing this amazing natural resource grow in popularity.

How to Use Design to Improve Your Online Store’s Brand


Design is to business what evolution is to nature: it allows brands to change and survive. When operating an online store, the virtual look and feel of your business are the only things that potential customers have to go on to make up their mind about whether to spend their money with you or not.

How To Build A Brand - 8 Simple Steps To Success

How To Build A Brand

Creating an online store is pretty straightforward but turning that into a successful e-commerce brand is certainly no easy feat. With over 28 million registered small businesses offering competing products, consumers have many options to choose from.

10 Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

10 Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

With billions of tons of waste filling landfills globally every year, society is becoming increasingly environment - conscious - from eating more sustainably to reusing grocery bags.

Clever Letterbox Packaging Ideas

letterbox packaging featured

Online shopping. It’s easy, convenient and usually pretty speedy. But many of us will have experienced that moment of returning home to find one of those annoying ‘We’re sorry we missed you!’ cards on the doormat.