Why are taxes missing on my Shopify orders and invoices?

Setting up taxes correctly in your Shopify store is crucial in order for your customers to be charged the right amount of tax. 

Once you have your taxes set up correctly in your Shopify store, Sufio will use these tax settings and automatically display all the required tax details on your invoices.

There are three possible causes as to why taxes are missing on your orders and invoices:

Configure the country tax rate

To configure tax rates in your Shopify store admin:

  1. Go to SettingsTaxes in your Shopify store admin.
  2. Click on the country, then enter the country tax rate.
Enter the correct tax rate under “country tax”.


If you do not see the country in the Tax rates list, click Shipping profiles, or go to SettingsShippingManage Rates, scroll down and click Create Shipping Zone.

Set the product as taxable

If you want to charge taxes on your products, each product in your store has to be set as taxable individually. 

To set up a product as taxable:

  1. Go to Products in your Shopify store admin.
  2. Click on the product you want to edit.
  3. Scroll down to the Pricing section and check the “Charge tax on this product” checkbox.
Make sure the Charge tax on this product checkbox is checked.

Check if the customer is not tax-exempt

It might happen sometimes that a customer was accidentally set as tax-exempt when they should not have been.

To check if a customer is tax-exempt:

  1. Go to Customers in your Shopify store admin.
  2. Select the customer you need.
  3. In the Tax settings section, click Manage.
  4. Make sure the “Collect tax” checkbox is checked.


Make sure to check the “Collect tax” checkbox.


Please be aware that if you make any changes in tax settings in your Shopify admin, only your newly created invoices will reflect this change. Your existing invoices will remain unchanged.