Include links to invoices in order confirmation email

You can include a link to an invoice in the Order Confirmation emails sent by Shopify. These email notifications are sent automatically to customers after they place their orders.

The link will redirect a customer to an online version of their invoice where they can download or print it. This page also allows a customer to pay their unpaid invoices with their credit card.

To add an invoice link to the Order Confirmation email template:

  1. Go to the page Settings → Notifications in your Shopify admin. 
  2. In the section Customer notifications, click on Order Confirmation
  3. Insert the following code snippet to the Email body (HTML) field. 

<div class="invoice-link">
  <a href="{{ shop.url }}/apps/sufio/invoice/?id={{ id }}&number={{ order_number }}">View invoice</a>

If you want the link to let your customer directly download a PDF version of their invoice, use the following code snippet: 

<div class="invoice-link">
  <a href="{{ shop.url }}/apps/sufio/invoice/download/?id={{ id }}&number={{ order_number }}">Download invoice</a>

Please note that the PDF version does not allow the customer to pay their invoice online through a Pay Invoice button. 


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