Include links to invoices on Customer Accounts Concierge

Customer Accounts Concierge is a customer account tool for Shopify. The tool lets your customers use enhanced account management features, like social login, wishlist, reorder button, and many more.

Sufio integrates with Customer Accounts Concierge, which allows customers to download invoices created by Sufio directly from their customer account page.

The online version of the invoice

The link will redirect your customer to an online version of their invoice, where they can either download it or print it.

Online invoices in Sufio
The online version of an invoice

To set up the integration of Sufio with Customer Accounts Concierge, first make sure that you have Sufio and Customer Accounts Concierge installed in your Shopify store, and that the Integrations plugin is enabled in the Customer Accounts Concierge app.

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to Customer Accounts ConciergeAccount page and scroll down to Integrations.
  2. Switch the Sufio: Professional Invoices toggle on.
  3. Click Save to apply the changes.

A button to download the PDF invoice created by Sufio will automatically appear in the order details view on the customer account page by Customer Accounts Concierge.