To Charge, or Not to Charge? VAT Is the Question

VAT exemption

VAT or Value Added Tax is connected to almost everything we buy. From the things we eat for breakfast at the start of every new day, to when we switch on the lights at home in the evening. For people selling online it's a complicated additional thing to think about.

The VAT question is such a challenge when selling to European customers on Shopify, that one user started their own petition dedicated to fixing these exact problems. 

Sufio likes to put in the hard work for you. We have been busy working on providing correct information so that you can find the solution to best solve this problem. Our research has culminated in a set of articles to help you understand this important tax topic.

When do you charge VAT when selling in the EU?

Using Shopify has helped you remove your borders when selling internationally, but what do you do with VAT when selling in the EU? If you are based in the European Union don't get caught out in the VAT minefield and read our guide.

And that is not all. After figuring out whether you charge VAT or not, then how do you automate your store? If you would like some pointers on how to set up EU taxes in your Shopify store then we take you through it step-by-step.

VAT is not an all-inclusive charge, some entities are of course tax exempt. Find out how to set business customers as VAT exempt, complete with a simplified guide on how to edit the template of your Shopify store.