Send multiple invoices to customers at once

The automatic invoice sending feature has been one of the main three pillars of Sufio and excellent help for many of our users. From time to time, resending the invoice manually, e.g., when a customer asks for it, may be necessary.

Thus far, Sufio has allowed you to send invoices manually one by one. When a smaller amount of invoices was sent, it wasn't that big of a problem; however, it might have become a bit frustrating in the case of a more considerable amount of invoices.

Now, thanks to a new bulk-sending feature, sending multiple invoices manually to customers at once is possible. How does it work?

Send multiple documents at once

The new bulk-sending feature allows you to send multiple documents at once by selecting them on a page that lists them; therefore, you're able to send invoices, pro forma invoices, or credit notes.

When sending multiple documents at once, a confirmation page will be displayed, which allows you to review and confirm the desired action. What's more, when sending multiple invoices, it allows you to select the type of email that should be sent. You can choose between regular invoice emails, reminders, or thank-you notes.

Of course, if you have set your Sufio to send a copy of all the automatic emails, all invoices will be also sent to your account's email or the email you have specified in the settings.

To send multiple invoices to customers at once:

  1. In your Sufio account, select the invoices you'd like to send.
  2. Click on More → Send.
  3. If happy with the selection, click Send.

Send multiple reminders and thank-you notes at once

As already mentioned, when sending multiple invoices to customers, you can choose what kind of email should be sent, whether it should be invoices and thank-you notes for your paid invoices or reminders for unpaid invoices.

If you'd like to send multiple thank-you notes or reminders to customers at once:

  1. In your Sufio account, select the paid or unpaid invoices.
  2. Click on More → Send.
  3. On the confirmation page, select thank-you notes or reminders.
  4. If happy with the selection, click Send.

Need help?

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