Capture and validate EU VAT numbers using the new Shopify checkout UI extension

Shopify’s checkout UI extensions allow merchants to enhance their store’s checkout process by integrating third-party applications and services directly into the checkout flow.

As part of our push to provide better support for Shopify Plus stores, we’ve transformed our popular EU VAT exemptions feature into a simple checkout extension compatible with this part of Shopify’s ecosystem.

How does the Shopify checkout extension work?

Our new checkout extension gives your B2B customers an easy way to validate their EU VAT number, as well as giving instant feedback if the one they entered is invalid.

Sufio typically displays the new VAT number field at the bottom of the Shipping address section, but this can change if your Shopify store sells digital goods. In these cases, we will add the VAT number field at the end of the Billing address section, because shipping addresses are not necessary for digital goods.

If all the provided details are correct, these customers will be exempt from tax and Sufio will automatically display their VAT numbers on invoices to comply with their local invoicing legislation.

The checkout extension currently supports store checkouts in 7 languages, covering countries where Sufio has the most users:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • Italian

In the future, the checkout extension will support more European languages.

Sufio’s checkout UI extension for Shopify provides better support for Shopify Plus stores and their checkout workflows.

We believe the checkout page is one of the most logical places to capture and validate VAT numbers, and it’s also where most shoppers expect to find it.

If you need a reliable way to set customers as tax-exempt, why not give our checkout UI extension a try? You can learn more about this feature, its use, and how it works on the documentation page.