Introducing Sufio Plus

Sufio Plus

Shopify Plus has been the go-to ecommerce platform for global brands since its launch in 2014, so we set out to create a service that can complement it in the invoicing niche.

We’re proud to announce the launch of Sufio Plus—a premium invoicing solution for Shopify Plus brands.

We understand scaling businesses demand complex solutions that regular plans just aren’t ready to meet. That’s why Sufio Plus offers enterprise-ready features like support for multiple storefronts, advanced automation, and personalized onboarding.

Let’s dive in and see what makes Sufio Plus stand out.

Multiple Shopify Plus storefronts under one subscription

If you’re building a global brand, you’ll likely need multiple storefronts to make customers feel comfortable ordering from you, no matter where they’re from.

It’s not uncommon for a business to have separate Shopify stores for the EU, US and the UK. Most countries have different rules and regulations surrounding invoicing and taxes, so the way you’ve configured your store—along with your Sufio automation workflows—will likely differ.

Such small differences don’t justify you paying for multiple Sufio subscriptions, though.

Sufio Plus supports multiple Shopify Plus storefronts for one monthly subscription, making things simpler for businesses managing regional Shopify stores or sub-brands.

The only limitation is that stores managed under one plan have to belong to the same brand, which is also how Shopify Plus does it.

Sufio multiple storefronts section

Advanced automation to optimize your workflow

Sufio Plus gives you the freedom to design powerful automated workflows, making it easy to build processes tailored to your unique business requirements.

Decide when and how invoices and other documents are created and sent, define conditions that have to be met for invoices to display country-specific elements (e.g. QR codes), and send copies of invoices to your accountants or warehouses.

As a Sufio Plus client, you can book a call with our support team and they’ll help you set everything up to keep your business compliant.

Personalized onboarding and template customization

Need a helping hand? Sufio Plus gives you a dedicated manager for your store, so whether you’re struggling to navigate Shopify’s tax settings or you just want to tweak your invoice template a bit, we’re available.

Our global team of accountants works hard to help us navigate accounting and tax legislation in key jurisdictions.

As a Sufio Plus client, you can book a call with our support team and they’ll help you set everything up in a way that keeps your business compliant.


If your business has a strict style guide or you like working with a particular designer, we recommend you give Sufio’s template editor a try. It gives you the freedom to edit your invoice template’s source code and can be a lot of fun for any in-house creatives!

Robust infrastructure that’s both secure and built to scale

We safeguard our user data, paying strict attention to compliance, privacy, and security. We secure all your information with the highest levels of data encryption in transit and at rest.

That’s not all, though.

Our robust infrastructure is built to deliver thousands of invoices every minute. Rest easy and let Sufio take over during flash sales, product drops, and even huge events like Black Friday.

Last year, Sufio created and sent 1.1 million invoices during BFCM, regularly sending tens of thousands of documents every hour!

Excited to learn more?

If all this sounds good to you, click here to discover more about Sufio Plus and how it can help your business scale.

Book a demo and one of the dedicated managers will be happy to discuss what the Sufio Plus can do for you. With expert help from start to finish, it’s never been easier to automate your invoices.