When to create invoices

With Sufio, you can create invoices either automatically or manually.

You can let Sufio create invoices from the orders in your store, or you can create them separately from your Shopify orders. 

Automatically created invoices

Sufio app syncs with data in your Shopify store and automatically creates invoices based on orders made in your store. 

By default, Sufio generates invoices for all orders placed in your Shopify store. However, you can choose from various different options as to which orders you want to create invoices automatically for.

Create invoices for all orders

Invoices are created for all new orders in your store. This is the default setting.

Create invoices for paid orders

Invoices are only created for paid orders. An order can be paid during the checkout or it can be manually marked as paid in Shopify admin.

Create invoices for fulfilled orders

Invoices are only created for fulfilled (shipped) orders.

Create invoices for unpaid orders

Invoices are only created for orders that have not been paid during the checkout. This option can be used when your store allows customers to select a custom offline payment method (like Bank Deposit).

Create invoices for wholesale orders

Invoices are created for orders placed by wholesale customers. By default, wholesale customers are those who are tagged as “wholesale” in your Shopify store.

Create invoices for custom orders

Invoices are only created if special cart attribute is added to the cart page in your store. Learn more about how to set up custom creating of invoices in this article

Do not create invoices

Use this option if you prefer to create invoices manually. Your account will still contain all details about your existing customers and products so you do not need to manually fill in these details while creating an invoice.

Need help?

By default, Sufio creates invoices for all orders. If you wish to change this setting, please contact our support.


You can edit an automatically created invoice in your Sufio dashboard but please note that editing an invoice in Sufio will not edit the respective order in Shopify

Manually created invoices

You can also choose to create invoices manually in the dashboard. You can do so easily by clicking on the New Invoice button. 

Manual invoices are separate from your Shopify orders. Creating such invoice does not automatically create an order in Shopify. 

Since your Sufio account is synced with your data in Shopify, creating an invoice is quite easy. You can fill it out with the help of pre-selected options listed in dropdown menus in each invoice field. 

Manually created invoices can either be numbered separately from invoices created from Shopify orders, or they can follow the same numbering sequence.