Invoice numbering

You can choose whether your invoices will use the same numbers as orders in your store or a custom numbering sequence. 

To set your invoice numbering: 

  1. Go to the page AccountInvoice Settings in your Sufio account. 
  2. Select one of the following options in the Invoice numbering field: 

Same as order numbers

Invoices that are automatically created from orders use the same numbering as these orders. Manually created invoices use a custom numbering sequence.

Custom invoice numbers

All your invoices will use a custom numbering sequence independent from numbers of your orders. This is important in some countries where accounting laws require that all issued invoices are sequentially numbered.

To set up custom invoice numbers: 

  1. Go to the page Account → Invoice Settings in your Sufio account. 
  2. Select the option Use custom invoice numbers
  3. Type your preferred next invoice number in the field Next invoice number.  

Invoice sequences typically start with numbers like 00001 or 10001, but it can be set to any number of your choice.