Include your VAT registration number

If your business is VAT registered, you should include the VAT registration number on every invoice you issue.

VAT registration numbers are used in all European Union countries but also in South Africa and several countries in Latin America. These are locally known under different names, such as VAT registration number in the UK and South Africa, USt-IdNr. in Germany, n° TVA in France, P.IVA in Italy, NIF in Spain, CVR in Denmark, and RFC or RUC in Latin America.

Add your VAT registration number

To add the VAT registration number of your company:

  1. In your Sufio account, go to the SettingsCompany Profile page.
  2. Type in your VAT number in the VAT No field.
  3. Make sure the VAT registered checkbox is checked.

Please note that the VAT No field is only visible if your company address is set to a country that uses VAT registration numbers.

Need help?

Are there any other specific details that your invoices should include? Please, get in touch with our experienced support team. We'll be happy to set your Sufio account to accommodate your needs.