Include order notes and cart attributes on your invoices

You can choose to include additional details on your invoices that your customers have entered on the cart page.

Order notes

Your invoices can display order notes that are typically used to capture special instructions from your customers.

To add order notes on your invoices:

  1. In your Sufio account, go to the SettingsInvoice Settings page.
  2. Then, insert {{ order.note }} variable in the Notes field.
  3. Save your changes.

Notes will be now added to the notes section which is usually displayed on the bottom part of an invoice.

Cart attributes

Your invoices can also display cart attributes. Shopify cart attributes let you collect additional information about an order on the cart page. These attributes will be added to the notes section and are usually displayed on the bottom part of an invoice.

If you'd like to set your invoices to include Cart attributes, please contact our support. We'd be happy to help you.

Need help?

You can also include your customers' PO numbers on your invoices or set your invoices to display custom dates