Include important information as QR codes on your invoices

Sufio allows you to include QR codes on your invoices, pro forma invoices, credit notes, or delivery notes.

QR codes allow your customers to quickly access important information through the effortless action of just scanning the code with their device.


This can be a useful way to display, for example, the Shopify order status page where customers review and pay for their unpaid orders. However, with Sufio, any information can be rendered as a QR code.


If your online store is based in Saudi Arabia, you're legally required to include e-invoicing compliant QR codes on all invoices to be fully compliant with the e-Invoicing regulations (FATOORA, الفوترة الإلكترونية) given by Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in Saudi Arabia (KSA). To find out more, read the Support for e-invoicing compliant QR codes for online stores in Saudi Arabia article.

If you would like to include QR codes on your invoices, please contact our support, and we'll help you set up your Sufio account right away.