Multi-currency support for Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is now the most manageable solution for when you want your store to accept online payments. This feature is a vital part of Shopify, and because it was developed for the platform, it integrates better than any third-party app we've seen.

If you choose to sell and get paid in different currencies using Shopify Payments, you can automatically accept all primary payment methods as soon as you create your Shopify store.

Many Shopify merchants choose to save time and effort by going with this streamlined option, and that's because it lets them focus on growing their business instead of playing around with third-party alternatives and figuring out various issues with compatibility.


Shopify Payments is only available to stores in specific countries. To find out if Shopify Payments is available in the country your online store operates, see the Supported countries and regions list.

Documents in multiple currencies using Shopify Payments

The next significant benefit for merchants selling their products in multiple countries or regions is that Shopify Payments allows their international customers to view prices, pay for their orders at checkout, and receive refunds in their local currency. Something that goes above and beyond their customers' shopping experience.

Sufio can create and send invoices in the same currency your customers used while shopping in your online store.

So far, we have only had integrations with third-party apps like Coin or Currency Converter Plus, forcing users to paste various code snippets to capture the currency rates and currency codes used to browse the online store. Now it's time to say goodbye to all that because Sufio fully supports the new multi-currency solution provided by Shopify Payments.

Once the Shopify Payments multi-currency feature is set in your Shopify store, Sufio will create and send invoices, pro forma invoices or credit notes in the local currency of your customers automatically, without any additional steps or code needed.

Whether your business is big or small, let's take the next step together and use this to create a more seamless user experience for you and your customers.


Having invoices in multiple currencies is only available on our Standard or higher plans.

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