Automatically create and send credit notes for refunded orders in Shopify

Many of our users benefit from the great automation features that Sufio currently offers. Our app allows merchants to automatically create invoices and other documents, making their and their customers' lives that much easier. Still, there was one thing missing before we could say that document creation in Sufio is fully automated.

This week we're finally closing that circle by adding a vital feature that will automatically create and send credit notes for refunded orders in your Shopify store. This was highly sought-after until now, so we're happy to finally roll it out for you all.

Automatically create and send credit notes in your Sufio

The new credit note creating and sending feature comes with a couple of extras that make it effortlessly customizable. Users can define the condition: Should the credit note be created for fully refunded orders only? Or maybe just partially refunded orders? Or perhaps both? You choose; Sufio will act accordingly.

We're aiming to develop an app that lets you do everything your way, tailor-made to fit your online store's needs, and with the circle closed, automation has never been more straightforward.


Automated credit notes for refunded orders in your Shopify store is only available on the Standard or higher plans.

If you wish to automatically create credit notes for partially or fully refunded orders in your Shopify store, please get in touch with our support team. We'll happily set it up for you.

Once the automatic credit note creation is set on your Sufio account and an order is refunded, a credit note is created automatically against the respective invoice, and accessible in your Sufio account.

To access the credit note:

  1. In your Sufio account under the Invoices tab, click on Credit Notes
  2. The respective credit note will be listed.

Just sit back, let Sufio take over your online store's document creation, and rest easy knowing that every order's been taken care of. Thanks to Sufio, you can spend more time developing the business you're meant to build, and we're proud to be a part of that.

Need help?

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