Credit card payments

In Sufio, you can allow your customers to pay invoices online using their credit card. Currently, Sufio is integrated with the payment gateway Stripe.  

To accept credit card payments:

  1. Create an account on if you don't have one. 
  2. Go to the page Account → Payments in your Sufio account. 
  3. Click the button Connect with Stripe.

Once you have done this, a Pay Invoice button will appear attached to every online version of an invoice. A link to the button is also included in every email sent by Sufio. The same link is at the bottom of each invoice.

The online payment automatically marks the invoice as paid. A customer can pay their invoice online at any time, before or after the due date.


Please note that while Stripe payments mark invoices as paid, they will not change the status of the respective order in Shopify. You will need to mark the Shopify order as paid manually in your store admin.