Blue Horizons


In terms of Blue Horizons, we are known for our friendly, efficient and professional service and the high quality of our work and products. We have over 13 years of expertise and experience in marketing, making us the ideal partner to help promote the services of your business.


Our key strengths lie within the realm of integrated marketing communications; ensuring consistency across all marketing channels - creating congruent, clear and compelling company and product messages. 

Providing a high level of service is a core part of our business and we are always available to offer support and advice whenever called-upon.

 We aim to develop long-standing relationships with our clients and endeavour to provide open and honest communication throughout the process. 


As a Shopify Expert we have been recognised as having sufficient additional skill and experience in this platform and thus can help support businesses with set up and marketing. We thoroughly recommend this global platform due to its infrastructure, quality, ease of use and scalability.