Support for Shopify payment terms

Shopify payment due later

Shopify payment terms let you dictate how much time customers have to pay for their order, making it easier to stay in control of your store’s cash flow.

This feature is available to everyone when creating draft orders, though it’s worth mentioning Shopify Plus merchants can also set payment terms for online orders in their store as an added benefit. You can do this by setting payment terms for different company locations for B2B customers

Shopify invoice due date

We’re happy to say Sufio can now automatically set due dates on invoices based on the data provided by Shopify payment terms for your store.

Sufio’s support for Shopify payment terms makes the invoicing process easier by automatically sending reminders for overdue invoices, ensuring your customers don’t forget about their responsibility to pay.

When paired with the app’s existing ability to accept online payments for unpaid invoices before marking orders in Shopify as paid, this feature will help make your B2B invoicing process a lot smoother.

Support for Shopify payment terms is available on the Professional plan and higher.