Valentine’s Day


Whatever your industry, Valentine's Day is a big one to have in the calendar—even if you sell items that aren't typically considered 'romantic.'

A decade ago, more than 60% of adults said they celebrated the occasion, but today that's dropped to just over half. Despite that, spending continues to rise, with consumers expected to spend $20 million this year.

The first-ever Valentine's Day was in the year 496 and is thought to have originated from a Roman festival Lupercalia where boys drew girls' names from a box and would sometimes get married. Over the years, it evolved, and by the Middle Ages, people started exchanging handmade cards.

Nowadays, it's often marked with flowers, candy, and jewelry for our partners (or even friends and family). And don't worry if you're not in those industries—most products can be geared towards Valentine's Day shoppers.

Figures show most Valentine's shopping is done on February 5th and 6th, so make sure your marketing campaign starts before then. Consider promoting the perfect gift, sending out emails to customers, or starting a social media campaign.