China National Day

The National Day of the People's Republic of China is a public holiday marking the establishment of the modern Chinese state—and last year marked its 70th anniversary.

It is typically marked by festivals, concerts, and fireworks, with a grand military parade and portraits of communist leaders on display.

Workers are also given three or four weekdays paid leave, meaning the public holiday surrounding the event usually lasts for seven or eight consecutive days, dubbed The Golden Week.

During that week, retail and tourism go into overdrive with shops and sightseeing bringing in its biggest profit for the whole year. According to the Telegraph, Chinese consumers spent $180 billion on food and shopping on a national day in 2016.

It tends to be associated with gifts or treating yourself, so many companies will focus on promotions on some of the top-selling products, including gold and jewelry, homewares and appliances, IT products, and new-energy vehicles.