How to Create a Good Logo Through an Online Logo Maker

How to Create a Good Logo Through an Online Logo Maker

Having a good, recognizable logo is key when getting your brand out there. But what if you’re just starting up and can’t afford to hire a pro designer? Well, there are online logo makers.

Unlike graphic designers, the online logo generators will craft your logo for as little as $20-$100, but let’s face it, they often look generic.

Still, there are some online logo making tools that are worth giving a shot. We tried some of them for you and collected a couple of practical tips how to make the most of an online logo generator.

And don't worry about starting out with a cheap logo. You can always re-brand once your online store gets big!

Some rules to keep in mind

Online logo makers have one big drawback: They don’t distinguish between a good and a bad logo. 

Usually, the software generates multiple logo designs for you to choose from. The number one rule is:

Rule #1: Keep it simple

Think of any big brand. Is their logo simple or fancy? The former is more likely. 

The simpler your logo is, the easier it is to recognize it.

The logo generators would typically offer you a whole range of fancy logos. We say, go for the simplest one. You can never go wrong with a simple, neat logo.

Unless designed by a pro designer, fancy logos tend to look cheap and unprofessional. 

See the example below. Out of eight logos generated for a fictional company Acme, which ones would you think more professional, the simple or the fancy ones? 

The simple logos are universal, yet eye-catching and easily applicable to many different industries. Unlike the fancy ones, they are all minimalist and don’t use any generic symbols or icons.

smashing logo simple

4 simple, name-based logos generated by Smashing Logo.

smashing logo fancy

4 icon-based logos using fancier fonts and bright colors by Smashing Logo

Rule #2: Skip the symbol

No online logo maker will ever generate a unique icon that would perfectly speak your brand. Rather than ending up with a generic symbol without any meaning, go for name-based or initial-based logos. 

Name-based logos are more versatile and timeless than icon-based ones.

Just look at some of the most famous brands’ logos. Most of the world’s biggest companies went for letter-based logos that merely identify the company but don’t describe what the company does by means of any symbol. 

Those who have a symbol in their logo got a custom-designed logo matching their brand. 

Below is an example of a generic symbol generated by online logo maker for a fictional company Acme (left) and a tailor-made logo of Dark Horse, a company selling furniture and home accessories (right). 

dark horse icon

Unless you can get one of those, stick with a simple, name-based logo without a symbol. 

Rule #3: Make it versatile

A versatile logo is one that would look equally good on a billboard as on a little T-shirt label. Make sure your logo doesn’t lose legibility when changing its size and arrangement. 

Other than the size, your logo should adjust well to any background it is displayed on. That’s why you should have your logo available in multiple color variants.

Your logo design should look just as good in black and white as in color. Also, make sure it doesn't lose its feel or purpose by changing the color scheme. Look at an example of a versatile logo from the online logo maker Tailor Brands:

versatile logo

A simple, typographic logo in different sizes and color variants generated by online logo maker Tailor Brands.

Rule #4: Keep an eye on copycats

Logo makers sometimes offer you a design that resembles one of a well-known brand. That’s one big no-no. 

Of course, it’s close to impossible to have a one-of-a-kind logo when relying on online generators, but even they can produce a nice, working logo for your brand. 

Never go for a logo design that seems somewhat familiar.

Choose only a logo that’s universal enough to not ring any bells, and that would bring out your new brand as unique. 

Here are some examples of lookalike logos generated by Smashing Logo.

copycat logos

Some generated logos may resemble logos of famous brands, so watch out!

Rule #5: Suit it to your product

The logo does not necessarily have to reflect what your company does or express products your online store sells. However, that doesn't mean you can use any logo the online generator picks!

Your logo has to speak what your brand stands for. It should match with the overall feeling your brand evokes.

Below you can see some brands whose logos perfectly demonstrate what the online store sells.

logo suits to products

Some logo icons suit perfectly to online stores' products. See the example of Lumio, BioLite and Burly Fellow.

Of course, with online logo makers, you won’t have the chance of creating any original symbol-based logo that could become the new Apple. Still, you can find logos that are typographically akin to the industry you’re in. 

Choose a name-based logo in a font that your potential customers can associate with your brand’s philosophy and products you sell. Logo maker Tailor Brands picks fonts for you based on what your online store sells.

tailor brands screenshot

Rule #6: Choose one color at most 

Did you know that 74% of the biggest brands use at most one color in their logo? Of course, you don’t always have to follow this rule — just look at Google or eBay.

The appropriateness of colors always depends on what you do. While colors may work for a brand that sells toys, fashion brands may benefit more from a simple black and white logo.

Most of the world's famous brands use no more than one color in their logo. Source:

Choosing the right color when designing your logo is very important for your brand. The right color is one of the aspects that makes your logo memorable and evokes positive emotions in your customers.

When it comes to logo generators, don't experiment with colors too much. Choose at most one color or stick with the classic black and white combination. 

We wish you good luck with trying out creating your logo online. If you follow our tips and choose the right logo generator, we're sure you'll be able to create one that will look as if it were designed by a pro!

Tip: For those of you who uncomfortable with designing by yourselves, hop on this logo design platform and get a professional logo designed with a small budget.