Zapiet is the most complete and the most popular store pickup and local delivery tool for Shopify. Fully featured and customizable, it provides an ideal solution for merchants from all around the world.

With Zapiet, your customers are able to choose whether they want their order to be shipped, delivered or picked up in a local store. Additionally, they can select the exact day and time as when they want their order to be delivered or prepared to pick up.

Integration with Sufio

Sufio allows you to have the pickup and delivery details created by Zapiet included automatically on customers' invoices and delivery notes.

Zapiet Pickup Details on Sufio Invoices

Pickup details can be automatically included on Sufio invoices and delivery notes

How to setup

Once you have both Sufio and Zapiet installed in your Shopify store, you can set Sufio to include the delivery details automatically, by adding a few values as invoice notes. These values are stored as cart attributes.

To add the local delivery details on your invoices:

  1. In your Sufio account, go to the Settings → Invoice Settings page.
  2. Insert the following code snippet in the Notes field.

{% if order.attributes['Checkout-Method'] == 'delivery' %}
        {{ order.attributes['Delivery-Date']|label:'Delivery Date' }}
        {{ order.attributes['Delivery-Time']|label:'Delivery Time' }}
{% endif %}
{% if order.attributes['Checkout-Method'] == 'pickup' %}
        {{ order.attributes['Pickup-Date']|label:'Pickup Date' }}
        {{ order.attributes['Pickup-Time']|label:'Pickup Time' }}
        {% capture address %}
                {{ order.attributes['Pickup-Location-Company'] }}
                {{ order.attributes['Pickup-Location-Address-Line-1'] }}
                {{ order.attributes['Pickup-Location-City'] }}
                {{ order.attributes['Pickup-Location-Postal-Code'] }}
        {% endcapture %}
        {{ address|trim|label:'Pickup Address' }}
{% endif %}

Once done, then the details added by Zapiet will show up in the Invoice Notes section of your newly created invoices.

Need help?

Do you need help with setting up your Sufio account? Please contact our support team. We'll be happy to assist.