SparkLayer brings powerful B2B functionality directly to your Shopify store, allowing your B2B customers to place orders easily, manage their accounts, and more.

It works by converting your existing Shopify store into a powerful B2B experience and can also seamlessly integrate with the tools you use to manage your B2B operation, such as ERP and CRM systems.

Integration with Sufio

The Sufio integration for SparkLayer is available for all Shopify merchants that already use Sufio and allows you to enable downloadable invoices for your B2B customers.

Each time a B2B customer places an order on your store, they can download their invoice right from within the SparkLayer My Account section. It's quick to install and integrates beautifully with your B2B ordering experience.

How to set up

You'll need to have an existing Sufio and SparkLayer account on your Shopify store to get started. Once enabled, you can then follow a simple onboarding process to connect your SparkLayer account to Sufio to enable invoicing for your B2B customers.